vegan mofo 2014

Do you like beer, wine and whiskey?

So do I, and for Vegan MOFO this year I’m going to share my favorites with you along with the food I love to eat with them, and some easy ways to use them as ingredients.

I’ve been “practicing” a plant-based lifestyle on-and-off since just after high school – in the early 90’s – when a friend gave me a compilation CD called Tame Yourself that introduced me to PETA. Before then I was ignorant of the many ways animals are mistreated by humans and my passive participation in their suffering. Calling myself Vegan would not be accurate, but a majority of the food I eat is animal-free.

My cooking is combination of many different styles but I consider everything I make “comfort food” because if something doesn’t taste good why would anyone want to eat it!

Now, the idea of MOFO is to post at least 20 days out of the month of September, and I will do my best. Having said that, don’t be too surprised if I miss that mark by a mile!


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